Welcome to the Bayview Medical Clinic!



The Bayview Medical Clinic is located at 1650 Terminal Avenue North, just north of the Terminal Park Mall.  Please see the Access and Parking link for more information and a map.

All parking is at the front of the building.  There is pedestrian and scooter access from the rear of the building.   The rear entry is too steep for regular wheel chairs.

  • Our Telephone Number is 250-591-3040. 

Resources - Health Links - Last updated March 24, 2014

  • This page has been updated with some new links.  In September 2012, new BC legislation was passed in regard to a number of issues, including Representation Agreements, and Advance Directives, also some times referred to as "Living Wills".  There are new links to the BC Ministry of Health, as well as other links that provide detailed information.


  • We carry Flu vaccine (for high risk groups) during the influenza season, Tetanus/diphtheria (due every 10 years), Pneumoccoal vaccine (indicated for everyone over 65 or with a chronic disease, one shot only), Twinrix travel vaccine for hepatitis A and B (ideally plan this 6 months prior to departure).  During the flu season, please also refer to the Vancouver Island Health Authorities special web siteVIHA Influenza Information. There are links there to local VIHA flu clinics provided by Public Health
    • Influenza vaccine is the most effective method we have to prevent getting sick from influenza or passing it on to others.

      In British Columbia, the seasonal flu vaccine is provided free of charge to many people:

      People 65 and older and their caregivers
      Children and adults with chronic health conditions and close contacts
      Health care workers
      Emergency responders
      Healthy children from 6 months of age to less than 5 years old
      Household contacts and caregivers of children from birth to less than 5 years of age
      Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
      Residents of nursing homes and other chronic care facilities
      Owners and operators of poultry farms
      Aboriginal peoples
      People who are very obese (those with a body mass index of 40 or greater)
      Corrections officers and inmates in provincial correctional institutions.
      Those who provide care or service in potential outbreak settings housing high risk persons (e.g. crew on ships)
      Visitors to healthcare facilities

    • All other British Columbians are able to receive a flu shot for a fee. Contact your a pharmacist to find out about the cost and book an appointment.

Reception Area

Terminal Avenue Approach - Nov 28, 2010


Pedestrian Access from the Rear - Stairs North East Corner

These can be used, but probably not by the frail elderly.  Nov 28, 2010

Pedestrian Access from the Rear - North East Corner - June 29, 2011. 

 A new path was recently installed behind the building by the City of Nanaimo.

This further improves Pedestrian, Bike and Scooter access.


Chestnut Approach.  There is now improved access and landscaping at the South East corner of the building.

This allows for improved Pedestrian, Bike and Scooter access from Chestnut Street at the rear of the building.

June 29, 2011